Do you worry about your safety when traveling solo?

Are you concerned about falling prey to scams or about being robbed or harassed when traveling solo? Do you worry about something bad happening to you? Or about feeling overwhelmed, scared or anxious in a foreign land?

You are not alone.

73% of women worry about their safety when traveling solo. This number only decreases to 64% for women who have traveled solo more than 10 times.

Mental and physical safety and wellbeing are a major concern for women traveling solo. But confidence builds competence and knowledge is power!

*Statistics from the 2020 Solo Female Travel Trends Survey.

Empowerful is an always-on festival focused on Safety, Wellness, and Sexual Wellbeing for Solo Female Travelers. You’ll access 30+ sessions, 35+ experts and over 50 hours of learning via masterclasses, panel discussions, and inspiring interviews to empower YOU to travel solo safely.

  • 30 + EMPOWERING Sessions

    Attend exclusively created masterclasses, interviews, and panel discussions covering everything you need to know about Safety, Wellness, and Sexual Wellbeing for the Solo Female Traveler. Get practical, value-packed and actionable advice, tips and techniques you can apply to your own travels, straight away from the get-go.

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  • 35 + EXPERT Speakers

    We’ve partnered with 30+ incredible speakers who are experts in their fields and have years worth of experience on their topic; you'll hear from martial artists, sexual wellbeing professionals, pilots, psychologists, therapists, lecturers, doctors, disability advocates, national parks specialists, and more!

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  • ADVANCED Insights

    If you haven't taken a solo trip yet, the festival will help you go on your first trip with full confidence and the right tools to make sure nothing bad happens. But Empowerful isn’t just for beginners. Even if you're an experienced solo traveler our masterclasses are so comprehensive that you'll become a real pro, and takeaway many invaluable skills and techniques.

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Meet the Team

Hi! We are Meg and Mar and between us we’ve traveled to more than 150 countries, 50 of those on our own. You can read about our travel experiences on our personal travel blogs and on Solo Female Travelers.

  • Mar Pages

    SFT Speakers Empowerful

  • Meg Jerrard

    SFT Speakers Empowerful

As a strategy consultant, Mar spent a decade traveling every week for work in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. She would catch a flight on Monday morning and return on Thursday evening. Many weekends, she would stay and explore the destination or fly to a different place.

First as a consultant and then at Google, Mar has been traveling around 50% of the time since 2005. Her travels have taken her to 120 countries, 40 of which she explored on her own. She is also a long term expat and has lived in 8 different countries and has had the privilege of working in over 40.

Travel has given Mar perspective and made her a more tolerant, open-minded and globally-sensitive person. It has also consistently shown her that the world is a beautiful place and that the vast majority of people are curious and kind. Read more about Mar on

Meg started traveling solo at 18, falling so in love with travel that she worked three jobs while studying at university, so she could travel in every spare moment. At 22 she met her husband at the base of Kilimanjaro, but even though they've been married now for 10 years, it’s still important to her to take time to travel solo.

Meg's very supportive parents were told by extended family that they were irresponsible parents when she started traveling alone. But what her aunts and uncles failed to realize, was that the world experience she gained from traveling solo was more valuable to her personal growth, to her confidence, to her sense of self worth, and to her understanding and perceptions of the world than any experience she could have ever had at home.

Meg started traveling at 18. Now she's 33. She's married, but solo female travel will never stop being part of her identity, and it’s still one of the most empowering experiences she knows. Read more about Meg on

Solo Female Travelers is a community of 79,000 + women, managed and led by co-founders Mar Pages and Meg Jerrard; experienced travel bloggers and online publishers who have had their toes in the travel industry since 2013/14, and have traveled extensively solo. Combined, they have visited 150+ countries across all 7 continents, and their individual blogs are read more than 600,000 times every month.

The community was founded to inspire, connect, and empower female travelers who love / want to travel solo, and despite a huge cross section of age, nationality, ethnicity, and travel experience, 79,000 women now proudly unite behind a shared love of solo female travel.

In building the community both Mar and Meg envisaged a space which would thrive on a diverse range of world views, perceptions, and opinions. After almost 6 years, the group has become a supportive and empowering community where respect and tolerance prevail. Womxn from all walks of life come to Solo Female Travelers for inspiration, travel advice, safety tips, education and to robustly discuss current issues, share stories and experiences, and connect with other fearless females. But don't just take our word for it ...

What Our Members Say About The Community

Morgan Smith

This group has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, and be the strong independent woman I am. I think a lot of people make you fear going out alone, especially as a woman in another country. But here, it’s all positivity, confidence, and fearlessness. This group is important to me because I know I have somewhere to go to ask for honest advice and inspiration. Always thankful for all the helpful tips, tricks, and recommendations I never would’ve found on google 😊

Mose Shirley Khubedu

I’m a girl on the other side of her mid-twenties. I was saving up experiences to go at them with a partner. But my bucket list got longer and longer and I was not meeting this man. I was miserable with little to keep me motivated. That was until I came across this group! I read stories and shared in on experiences with amazing women. I got the push to travel solo, and that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m so much happier for it! Thank you to this incredible community of sisters for helping me find my wings! ❤️

Apryl Holiday

Solo Female Travelers is the only reason I still have a Facebook account! I love the community that this group has created and how inspiring all of the women are. I always thought it was an unobtainable goal to travel solo because I never personally knew any one who had done it before, and now I have such a huge pool of women to get advice and recommendations from. I love this group!

Haley Langstine

I just want to say first that this group is exactly what I’ve been needing, and didn’t know! Sometimes, it gets lonely when other friends and family can’t relate to your need to explore and experience new cultures, so thank you ladies for finally making me feel like I fit in somewhere!

Kris Klein

Solo Female Travelers provides a sense of community- you’re never really alone anywhere in the world. You have access to helpful advice and support through a tribe of strong, empowered women! I look forward to being on the other side of the world one day and meeting fellow Solo Female Travelers in person.

Najat Hussien

This group not only inspires me, it also enriches me with information about how to behave in certain situations I might face during travel, and it is a valuable resource for information about different destinations. The greatest advantage of being part of the group are the new friends from all around the world.

Julie Nguyễn-Prior

What I love most about this group is the sense of community, the respect and support for one another, not to mention the knowledge from all these beautiful fearless ladies when it comes to travel related topics. You guys are the best!

Fion Fayzard

You girls show me the courage to walk and explore this world. It is fascinating to read everyone’s different stories, I feel so fortunate to see many different parts of the world through your eyes. I am so thankful to be a member of this group. You girls teach me to be brave.

Ola Abbas

While in Tokyo I ran into another solo traveler who introduced me to this group. That’s when I had one of my big ah-a moments in life, that’s how its done! I have been inspired, moved, encouraged and proud to be part of the group. The information is so useful, the pep talk so lifting and the virtual company so valuable. Hoping to meet some (better yet all) of you on upcoming travels. Stay traveling ladies, stay safe and keep shining.

Holly Watson

I love this group – not only does it inspire me, I also get to converse and share experiences with likeminded ladies who love to travel solo. With every question I’ve had there has always been friendly and helpful advice. We all look out for one another! Like most group members the best thing about this group is making new friends from all over the globe.

Agenda Overview

  • 1

    Welcome to Empowerful

    • Opening Keynote: Unleash Your Inner She Warrior - Jennifer Cassetta

    • Welcome message from your hosts

    • The Solo Female Travel Perspective

  • 2

    Planning Like a Pro

    • How to plan and research a destination - Mar Pages

    • The basics of travel insurance- Carolin Pilligrath

    • Travel and medical insurance for when things go wrong - Phil Sylvester

    • Managing fear and anxiety when traveling solo - Gabriela Sirbu

    • "I've got this": Self-defense skills for solo travelers - Nicole Snell

    • Living in a tiny house on wheels - Jude Cairncross

    • Negotiating your freedom to travel solo - Gabriela Sirbu & Nisha Abu Bakar

  • 3

    Mastering the Basics

    • Expert travel safety tips - Mar Pages & Meg Jerrard

    • The best personal safety app for your travels- Ursafe App

    • Realistic and practical self defense tips - Qin Yunquan

    • Meditation tips to cope with anxiety - Davina Ho

    • Hotel and dorm safety tips to sleep sound - Meg Jerrard

    • Sexual wellbeing on the road - Dr. Deborah Bateson

    • Food safety: A guide to traveler’s diarrhea - Dr. Mireia Roca

    • Language and culture for connecting with locals - Robin Who

  • 4

    Empowering Yourself

    • Living on the Front Line - Isabel Yurrita

    • Stretching during and after long journeys - Davina Ho

    • How to be brave and overcome fear - Janice Booth

    • Safety tools: Ditch the pepper spray and pack this instead - Mar Pages

    • Life in the air - Susan Shaw

    • Safety in the wild - Jennifer Melroy

    • How take photos safely and responsibly - Meg Jerrard

    • Empowered to make a claim - Cora Oo

    • Living an unconventional life - Josefina Hunter

  • 5

    Insider Knowledge

    • What to pack in your first aid kit - Brittany Lewis

    • Safe dating tips when traveling - Mar Pages, Joss McDonald, Erica Spera & Molly DeMellier (Panel Discussion)

    • Traveling as a woman of color - Elaine Yang, Alejandra Ramirez Vidal, Lauren Gay, Prachi Thakur & Johnnel Smith (Panel Discussion)

    • Traveling as a member of the LGBTQ+ community - LoAnn Halden, Jessica Foster, Meg Ten Eyck & Aisha Shaibu (Panel Discussion)

    • A solo female’s roadmap for hitting the road - Becky Wood, Breanna Wilson, Soumya Nambiar & Paula Martinelli

    • How to travel through conservative countries safely - Amanda Moutaki

    • Wheelchair travel: Life without limits - Kelcie Miller-Anderson

  • 6

    Closing Ceremony

    • Closing Keynote

    • Solo Female Travel Safety Index

    • Communities to connect with other female travelers